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How Do I Choose Which CBD is Right For Me?

How do I choose which CBD is right for me? Well, if you’re on this page, you know that the medical cannabis and hemp industries are growing – fast. Because of this, there’s been a certain uproar surrounding the therapeutic compound cannabidiol, or CBD.

The naturally occurring, cannabis-derived compound can be found in a variety of products such as tinctures, capsules, and even edibles! With all these options, however, finding the right product can be overwhelming. That’s why so many folks have been asking themselves, “How do I choose which CBD is right for me?”.


Before we get into how to choose CBD oil, let’s clear something up – CBD is legal and can be purchased on the internet or in retail stores! On the other hand, though, it can be difficult knowing where exactly to start.

Since the popularity of CBD is relatively new, there is uncertainty surrounding CBD. That said, if you are interested in trying CBD for the first time or looking to switch up your daily supplement regimen, we’ve got you covered with this CBD product guide to help consumers answer the question: how do I choose which CBD is right for me?

Discover our tips and tricks below to help you answer the question – how do I choose which CBD is right for me?

How Do I Choose the Best CBD for Me?

Because consuming CBD is a personal experience, it makes sense why so many different CBD oil products exist. No matter your condition, there will undoubtedly be a CBD product suitable for you and your lifestyle.

For example, how do I choose which CBD is right for me, the gym rat? We see many active folks turning to topicals for post-workout recovery. Or, how do I choose which CBD is right for me, the frequent flyer? Capsules are popular, as they are easy to take on the go!

Regardless, there are a large number of CBD products on the market to choose from. Luckily, we are here today to help you learn how do I choose which CBD is right for me.

So let’s dive into how to choose CBD oil for your specific needs!

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Top Tips for Choosing the Best CBD

  1. Why do you want to use CBD?

How do I choose which CBD is right for me? Consider why you want to use CBD in the first place. While scientific research on CBD is limited due to federal restrictions, there is significant anecdotal evidence that CBD is effective for a variety of uses and conditions. This just proves that confirming the medical properties of CBD is on the rise!

And with a variety of health conditions comes a variety of reasons why folks are choosing CBD oil. So, how do I choose which CBD is right for me? Don’t assume that one particular product that benefits your friend will benefit you – our bodies, conditions, and health are all different!

  1. Decide what form of CBD you want to try

After you consider why you want to take CBD, you can narrow down which type of product would be best for you and your condition. For quick relief like muscle aches or stress, sublingual (under the tongue) oil drops can be useful. Inhalation is another quick option, but product safety of vaping products is troubling, so we do not recommend it unless you absolutely know you have a safe source.

Effects from topicals such as salves and lotions are typically felt right away, but the experience is short lived, so reapply often. On the other hand, CBD edibles take longer to take effect. Since the CBD is absorbed via-digestive system, effects from edibles may take 30+ minutes to feel. Ultimately, when asking yourself “how do I choose which CBD is right for me?”, take forms and their absorption times into consideration!

  1. Consider THC content

If you weren’t aware, CBD is derived from the cannabis sativa plant, just like THC, the main psychoactive cannabinoid compound in marijuana.

In the U.S., CBD oil is required to have less than 0.3% THC to be considered legal.

It’s very important that the cannabinoid content is listed on the product label of your CBD – if it isn’t, you might be taking illegal CBD!

  1. Choose a reasonable concentration

It’s important to also look for products that state how much CBD they contain. Know that when asking yourself: “how do I choose which CBD is right for me?”, this aspect is extremely crucial. 

Dosages, expressed in milligrams (mgs) differ depending on product type. Experts suggest that new CBD users should start with products that contain relatively low doses. For instance, with CBD tinctures, consider choosing a product that has 10mg per dose.

  1. Understand full spectrum vs. isolate

How do I choose which CBD is right for me? Know the content. Something else important to consider is whether you prefer a full-spectrum CBD product, a CBD isolate, or something in between the two:


  • Full spectrum – this refers to products that carry cannabinoids other than CBD. There are estimated to be over 100 compounds in the cannabis plant. CBD and THC are the most well-known compounds, but there are still plenty of other cannabinoids that may promote our natural wellness!
  • Isolates – this refers to CBD products containing only CBD. This is a good option for people who are truly concerned about THC consumption because these products contain no THC!
  1. Look for cost per dose

Cost per dose can be another essential influencer some might like to consider when choosing the right CBD oil. Although highly concentrated products can be more costly, they often provide a better value for the life of the product. So, after you’ve determined the dose of CBD that’s right for you, consider trying a higher concentration to save a little money in the long run.

As life keeps getting more and more expensive, price is critical when asking yourself “how do I choose which CBD is right for me?”.

  1. Ask for test results

Before buying any product, make sure to find and read a product’s Certificate of Analysis (COA). This is a document that shows how well a product performs on tests checking for CBD and THC levels as well as the presence of any harmful contaminants.

If a product is truly safe and secure, they will have a COA – this confirms that tests were performed by a third-party lab. If an online manufacturer or retailer doesn’t have this information or refuses to release it to the public, be sure to avoid this product and retailer at all costs.

Need Help Choosing the Right CBD for You? Contact Anavii Market Today!

Overall, we know that choosing the right CBD oil product can be a daunting process. We hope to make life a bit easier with this guide, helping consumers answer “how do I choose which CBD is right for me?”

Please feel free to Contact Us here or by calling us 502-209-8808 if you’re still finding yourself with more questions. With having years of experience in this industry, Anavii Market has tons of helpful knowledge we’d love to share.

The products sold on this site and these statements herein have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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