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Figuring out Your CBD Ingestion Method: How Does Each Product Interact with Your Body

As CBD oil explodes into the mainstream, the number of CBD oil products also continues to increase. Cannabis-derived compounds are quite versatile, leading to a range of possible uses and applications.

Today, CBD is added to nearly every type of product, such as health supplements, coffees, body care products, bath bombs, and more.

For consumers of CBD oil products, the wide selection of available products is good news, but it can be difficult to choose the right products without a basic education.

It’s important to understand how CBD is absorbed by the body. It is also important to have clearly defined health goals so you can choose a product accordingly.


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CBD Absorption in the Body


When someone uses a CBD oil product, the compound is absorbed by the bloodstream from the administration site. From the blood, it is spread throughout the endocannabinoid system[1] and various other non-cannabinoid receptors in the body, such as the serotonin receptor that’s responsible for regulating moods.

There are two primary concepts that a person needs to know to understand the absorption process. The first is that the route of administration of any CBD product has a direct effect on how rapidly it will be absorbed into the bloodstream .

The second is that the method of absorption can also affect the amount and rate of the total active effect of the CBD product once applied or consumed. This is also known as bioavailability, and applies to any medication.



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Methods of Ingesting CBD

There are many different CBD products that are created for a specific application and have different methods of ingesting.

Here are some common methods of consumption of CBD oil products and how they differ in effectiveness:

  • Oral Ingestion/Tinctures
    One of the most common and popular methods of ingesting CBD oil is orally in the form of tinctures.

    Typically packaged in small bottles with glass droppers, CBD tinctures are available in various varieties such as vegetable glycerin, oil, and alcohol-based extracts. Most people prefer tinctures because they are relatively easier to consume with controlled doses throughout the day.

  • CDB Edibles
    CBD is also offered in the form of edibles with different cannabidiol dosages. Edibles are also quite popular for their long-lasting and holistic effects. Once the edible reaches the digestive tract, it is slowly broken down before entering the bloodstream. However, it can take a bit longer to start feeling the effects of CBD when ingested in the form of edibles.

  • CDB Topicals
    The topical application of CBD allows it to interact directly with the cannabinoid receptors present in the skin.

    CBD topicals are offered in the form of gels, oils, and lotions that can be applied directly to the skin’s surface. Research indicated that CBD topicals might help manage localized inflammation and pain[1]—this is not to be considered as proof of the efficacy of CBD.


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