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Does the Lack of Approval on CBD Represent a Failure of the Healthcare System?

There’s been a lot of speculation in the past few years about the potential health benefits of CBD, and how it can be used for managing a wide array of health issues.

However, the research has been quite limited until recently, due to the restrictions on cultivating and processing cannabis and hemp plants.

But as more and more cracks start appearing in the current healthcare system, the American public doesn’t want to wait around any longer.


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America’s Failing Healthcare System


In recent years, America’s healthcare system has come under fire numerous times for failing to address people’s concerns.

It has become one of the prime examples of a system that’s based on unintended consequences, perverse incentives, and political agendas.

The burden of healthcare costs is growing at an exponential rate, with more than $3 trillion being spent on healthcare costs[1] each year.

The average health insurance premium[2] for each family has exceeded $18k per year! Moreover, medical costs have become one of the leading causes of bankruptcy[3] in the United States.

Similarly, deaths due to opioid addiction have increased significantly, with an average of 128 people dying from overdoses each day[4]. Prescription opioid misuse is costing the U.S. economy $78.5 billion a year in healthcare costs, addiction treatment, lost productivity, and criminal prosecution.

As a result, many people in the country are struggling to find affordable and safe options for their health.



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The Reluctance of U.S. Healthcare in Accepting CBD

The U.S. healthcare system has been operating on the philosophy of personal profits first for years. They rely on a lack of customer education and addictive substances in pharmaceutical drugs to generate more business. They also keep hiking up the prices of essential medications[1] for life-threatening illnesses, just for the sake of profits.

CBD poses a real threat to pharmaceutical companies; hence the reluctance of the healthcare system to see it become mainstream. It has, however, been legalized in all 50 states with varying degrees. The healthcare system touts a lack of research and solid evidence regarding the benefits of CBD as probable cause for not accepting CBD as a viable treatment option.

However, since the FDA eased the regulatory requirements for conducting CBD trials in 2015, research has allegedly come out in support of the benefits of CBD[2].

Cannabis companies are now pushing for fewer restrictions[3] that would allow then to continue researching CBD and confirming its health benefits. CBD is poised to be the ideal affordable and safer option for several medical problems sorely needed to save the future of the healthcare system.



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