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CBD as a Health Supplement: The Potential Applications of CBD in Wellness

Right off the bat, a daily dose of quality CBD oil or CBD capsule cannot replace every single one of your daily supplements. The reason being that there’s not nearly enough research conducted on the subject as yet. There are loads of essential minerals and vitamins out there that we require for a healthy functioning body, and CBD oil can’t just replace every single one of them.

Having said that, CBD has shown to share functional similarities to that of popular daily supplements. For instance, CBD is well known to contain powerful antioxidants. In fact, a U.S.Government Patent 1999/008769[1] claims that cannabinoids "act as free radical scavengers.”


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Fighting Free Radicals With Antioxidants


Free radicals are molecules created as waste products when cells in our body generate energy. They have an extra electron, which gives them a negative charge. Free radicals attract neighboring molecules and bind with them. Sometimes this can be a good thing, but at times when these molecules bind with crucial molecules in the body, the changes caused can lead to stress, heart disease, aging, or even stroke. Not to mention, cancer is often associated[1] with free radical damage.

Moreover, toxins like cigarette smoke, smog and chemicals also increase your exposure to free radicals.

So, how do we fight these free radicals? With antioxidants that naturally occur in fruits, vegetables, vitamins C and E—and even CBD oil. These antioxidants have a free electron that binds with the free radicals and prevents them from doing serious damage.

While the body naturally produces antioxidants, they’re often insufficient in neutralizing all the harmful effects of oxidative stress.

A number of studies[2] have linked the reduced risk of diseases like stroke, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease[3] to antioxidant-rich diets.

The National Cancer Institute[4] even recognizes the therapeutic potential of antioxidants in preventing free radical damage associated with cancer developments[5].

A 1998 study[6] was one of the first to document cannabidiol’s antioxidant properties.



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Key Takeaway

While Cannabis alone isn’t a cure-all for every ailment, it can be considered as an integrated approach to healthy changes of body, mind and soul. Perhaps combining cannabinoids with other antioxidants can benefit your body, preventing aging and oxidation.

It’s worth giving CBD products a try for their antioxidant-rich properties; from full-spectrum CBD oils and CBD edibles to CBD-infused lotions and skincare products, you can incorporate CBD in your daily regimen through a variety of products and test out their health benefits for yourself.

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