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Best CBD Topicals of 2019

Muscle soreness. Period cramping. Dry skin. Sprained ankle. These are some of the many reasons why people are looking for the best CBD oil topicals out there. And we know you want the best for yourself.


Best CBD Topicals of 2019 – Our Methodology

Before we get into the best CBD topicals of 2019, let’s go over how we selected these particular products. Here are some characteristics we looked for:

  • Ingredients – are the ingredients sourced locally or USDA organic?
  • Aroma – only the best CBD topicals of 2019 smell good!
  • Price – how affordable is the product?
  • Accessibility – the best CBD topicals of 2019 are easy to travel with!
  • Company values – is the company eco-friendly and reputable in the hemp industry?

Now, in no particular order, let’s go over six of the best CBD topicals of 2019!

RE Botanicals CBD Lavender Body Relief Oil

Who said wellness had to be boring? Enter RE Botanicals CBD Lavender Body Relief Oil, one of the most innovative CBD topical products on our market.

One of the main reasons why this topical sits on our best CBD topicals of 2019 list is how accessible it is – it’s extremely compact.

You can put it in your makeup bag, lunch tote, and even on your carry-on on a flight. Unscrew the cap and simply roll away the stress!

Shop RE Botanicals CBD Lavender Roll On


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But don’t let its small size deceive you. RE Botanicals CBD Lavender Body Relief Oil is jam packed with 200mg CBD.

Its aroma is another reason we’re calling it one of the best CBD topicals of 2019. The lavender scent is fragrant but not powerful, perfect for those in need of immediate relaxation!

Above all, RE Botanicals is an industry leader. They’re actually the first CBD company to become USDA certified organic. That means that their CBD products are free from solvents, GMOs, pesticides, and heavy metals.

They’re dedicated to the plants, people, and planet – and such passion for social responsibility a key reason why RE Botanicals tops the best CBD topicals of 2019 list.

Life Patent All You Need CBD Topical

There’s a reason this best CBD topical of 2019 is called “all you need” – because it seriously is an essential.

Hate the feeling of having greasy hands after you use a lotion? Us too. But Life Patent has a solution for that!

Conveniently packaged like your typical stick of deodorant, their topical ensures a mess-free CBD experience – just glide the stick over your joints and feel the fast relief.

Shop Life Patent All You Need CBD Topical

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We’re also obsessed with the luxurious ingredients. Blended with coconut, avocado, almond, and jojoba oil, the All You Need Topical provides all natural relief to not only our joints, but our skin.

Who knew you could have a gym buddy and a skin care routine all in one?

Also, Life Patent is a proud leader in CBD innovation. They are constantly coming out with new products featuring revolutionary absorption technologies so that folks can ingest as much CBD as possible.

Because of this, Life Patent confidently tops the best CBD topical of 2019 list.

With 300mg of hemp-derived CBD oil for just under $40, the All You Need Topical is simply a no brainer for anyone who leads an active lifestyle.

Nature’s Hemp Oil CBD Relief Cream

Nature’s Hemp Oil is a CBD brand we just can’t get enough of. Why? Despite being a very small company, their prices are always the ones to beat.

Additionally, Nature’s Hemp is female owned and Kentucky based. Prices, female leadership, and local farmer empowerment? Nature’s Hemp can take a seat at this best CBD topicals of 2019 table.

Shop Nature's Hemp Oil CBD Relief Cream

Nature's Hemp Oil Topical Relief Cream

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And their topical is just as quality as their company values. It’s beautifully and naturally blended with rosemary and mint, creating an aromatic and relaxing experience. It’s also loaded with 400mg CBD, yielding about 5mg CBD per dime-sized serving!

Packaged in a BPA-free plastic bottle, the topical is super easy to travel with alongside your other toiletries – its plastic cap ensures zero spillage!

On sale now for only $47.95, the Nature’s Hemp Oil Relief Topical very clearly deserves its spot on the best CBD topicals of 2019 list.

We’re really excited to see what innovative and affordable products Nature’s Hemp Oil continues to release!

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Silk Lotion

One of the reasons this lotion is featured in our best CBD topicals of 2019 list? Because it’s entirely true to its name – the lotion literally feels like silk on our skin.

Not only is the product third party tested and verified through Anavii Market’s verification process, it’s also 100% American.

Shop Bluebird Botanicals CBD Silk Lotion

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp CBD Silk Lotion

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Grown and manufactured in Colorado, Bluebird Botanicals hemp is always the highest quality there is.

The company prides itself on being an industry leader as well, presenting at major expos as well as sponsoring events related to CBD hemp. Even better? Bluebird Botanicals has a financial assistance program!

The best CBD topicals of 2019 are topicals that listen to what the people want. That is, the Silk Lotion comes in 2 sizes – both 3oz and 6oz – perfect for first-time CBD users and CBD veterans alike.

Even better, the Silk Lotion comes in a plastic tube, so you won’t have to worry about breakage and spillage!

Ananda Hemp CBD Spectrum Salve

Last but certainly not least, this product is simply the best CBD balm on the books. How? First off, Ananda Hemp is a standout brand known for spreading CBD knowledge to the masses.

They do this with product QR codes. Scan your product with your smartphone and learn everything you need to know about your CBD!

Shop Ananda Hemp CBD Spectrum Salve

Ananda Hemp 125mg CBD Oil Topical Skin Care

Sold out

This goes for their CBD Spectrum Salve, as well.

The best CBD topicals of 2019 are those that we can not only take with us anywhere, but use anytime.

The Spectrum Salve is conveniently packaged in a round tin container that you can pop in your bag or back pocket. And for just under $25, it’s a steal.

And so easy to use! With a screw-off tin top, leakage is near impossible. But don’t get us started on its aroma.

Blended with eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, and ginger, the salve is naturally soothing before you even apply it!

With coconut oil to carry the 125mg CBD, it’s a no brainer why this product is one of the best CBD topicals of 2019. With this salve, your skin will thank you later.

We're Here to Help!

We hope this guide to the best CBD topicals of 2019 was helpful! Still have questions about the best CBD topicals of 2019 or the best CBD lotion in general? Please reach out to us here. As always, we’re here to help!

The products sold on this site and these statements herein have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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