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5 Ways To Relieve Your Sunday Scaries

5 Ways To Relieve Your Sunday Scaries

We’ve all been there before. Sunday morning rolls in easy, the gentle sunlight waking you up with no alarm clock needed, and, if you’re lucky, your kids sleep in to give you that glorious extra hour of sleep you can’t get any other day.

Or.. you wake up in a panic, frantically creating your mental to-do list because you procrastinated on Friday and Saturday, prioritizing fun and play in hopes that your errands and extra pile of work at home would complete itself. It’s not a case of “the Mondays,” but rather a case of the “Sunday Scaries.”

Take a deep breath. Either place you’re at, we are here to help. Here are just 5 different ways you can make sure you keep your Sunday Scaries at bay and remain peaceful, calm, and productive.


Yoga to ward off the Sunday Scaries

Stretching and breathing are two of the most healing exercises we can do on a regular basis. These two things combined together offer our bodies a chance to regulate hormones, supply muscles with key movements and oxygen for relaxation, and give us a chance to mentally reset.

Try This: Start in child’s pose with several deep breaths. Move between upward dog and downward dog, with corresponding inhale and exhale during each switch. Return to child’s pose and repeat.

You can also download the Down Dog mobile application for different types of yoga routines, whether you’re a beginner all the way up to expert.

Sunday Scaries still got you down? Try this next one...


Mindfulness is very important in our modern age. Phones are amazing tools, and computers help us stay connected and efficient, but sometimes we become incredibly detached form our physical world, specifically how our bodies and minds work together. Meditation is a way to remind us of this beautiful connection.

Try This: Sit on the floor or a well-supported chair and take 10 deep breaths. Notice how the breath feels as you inhale, and as you exhale. Take a moment to notice how your body feels. Do you feel tense in any specific places? Are you holding in emotions or feelings that currently you are unaware of?

Another great option would be to download the free mobile app Headspace and take their 10- day meditation challenge. Each daily 10 minute session will teach you everything you need to know about non-spiritual meditation, and provide hilarious, animated videos to help put concepts into characters. You’ll be thinking clearer in no time.

Remember, meditation is like weight training for the mind, and the more you exercise, the stronger you become at mindfulness, concentration, and emotional stability. Meditation is perhaps the most underrated tool for keeping our minds fit.

Not into meditation? Try organizing to relieve the Sunday Scaries.


Organizing Your Sunday Scaries Away

Our physical spaces tell our minds a lot about our priorities. Cluttered room = cluttered mind. Although Sunday is traditionally laundry day for a lot of people, take just 15 minutes and assess the important rooms in your living space. Do you feel happy with the amount of objects in the room? The accessibility or energy of the room? What could you take away and not miss in your physical spaces? What would you like to add to help you stay relaxed or inspired?

Try This: Go through your room and ask yourself: How much would I pay for _________ today? If you wouldn’t pay any money for something you have currently in your important spaces, maybe it’s time to do some downsizing. Remember, things are here to serve a purpose. If that purpose is not being fulfilled, it may be time to reconsider.

Organizing not kicking the Sunday Scaries out of you? Try a good sweat!


Sweating Away Your Scaries

Exercise is an invaluable tool for introducing stress to the body and teaching ourselves how to respond to smaller stresses throughout our day. Exercise, along with reading and meditation, has been clinically proven to produce a neurochemical called BDNF, which helps strengthen the connections between brain cells.

Try This: A 7-Minute introductory High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routine that has proven benefits for fat burning and stabilizing metabolism. Remember, weight training, flexibility, and cardiovascular health all converge to provide optimal health. This is a great way to get all of these things together. And it only takes 7 minutes!

Not up for a good sweat? CBD is a perfect addition to relieve those Sunday Scaries.

CBD Will Always Stifle Your Sunday Scaries


CBD can be a crucial component for a restful Sunday. CBD Oil helps support immune response, cognitive health, digestive health, and promotes stress relief. CBD can work holistically and tackle a lot of different things together, getting to the root of the issues. Especially when it comes to tackling the Sunday Scaries.

Make sure when you use CBD that you are using a verified, premium full spectrum oil (like the CBD oil we offer here at Anavii!). We would hate for you to spend money on a product that is not pure in quality, or as potent as it should be when it comes to optimizing your health.

Try This: Take a dropper full of 10-15mg (here’s a great option: Green Remedy CBD) full spectrum CBD Oil around 7PM after dinner time. Grab a cup of hot tea, and find some quite space in the house. Although it’s different for everyone, CBD will help you center yourself and calm the nervous system, offering a perfect way to get ready to settle in for the night, or prep for a glorious night’s sleep before the coming work week.

Find what works for you, with an individual routine or combine things until you get them just right.


Remember, Sundays are meant for you to find your balance & optimize your health. We hope you get a chance to try these 5 different ways to relieve your Sunday Scaries.


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